With over 25 years combined experience in digital media we here at LightSource can safely say: we love what we do!


By employing a small team of skilled videographers and photographers, LightSource can not only guarantee we'll be present to cover your event but we'll also offer you a high level of turnaround flexibility (with fast-track edits*) and satisfaction in ensuring your event is captured in the highest video and audio quality available.


We use a selection of top-of-the-line 4K & 6K camera units as well as larger rigs and lighting arrays to suit any scale or budget, but whatever your need we promise to be as unobtrusive as possible. So whether it's for a wedding, birthday, live event, large or small you can rest assured we will always deliver a professional and outstanding service for our clients.


Check out our services page for more details or drop us an email below and we'll get back to you within the hour!

Nicholas, Tia, Amar & Shei- Team Lightsource

*Our digital workflow takes up to three weeks, however we do offer fast-track edit rates which can be negotiated during the initial consultation period. We normally take two weeks to deliver a preview / sample of works. After the preview / samples have been accepted by the client we will then enter into the final stage of mastering and will deliver the entire works as a digital download after final payment is cleared. We also can despatch a USBstick with all works by tracked delivery for £9.99 

If after this two week period the client is engaged and unable to review samples, we offer a cloud storage solution by Microsoft Azure which will ensure the work is safely retrievable within 30DAYS (after-which time Azure will automatically delete all files). The client will need to advise us to upload to storage and any revisions to video and photography will be locked into place at this stage.

There are retrieval costs associated with Azure ( see: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/pricing/details/storage/blobs/ )

If, after the third week has elapsed and the client is uncontactable and/or not responding in a clear effort then we reserve the right to remove all works (We will provide adequate warning before this happens). This is to ensure our 'drive space/ workflow balance' remains unaffected for existing edits and deadlines as promised by Lightsource.

For more information see our terms and conditions at the bottom of the services page.


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